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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Which country is more expensive for an international student? The UK, USA or Australia?

The UK HE International Unit has just carried out research into tuition fees for international students at degree level and above at universities in different countries. ‘International Pricing Study: A snapshot of UK and key competitor country international student fees’2011

The good news is that the UK is very competitive - both for tuition fees and living costs.

Here are some key facts from the report:

  • The UK has one of the strongest university systems in the world

  • The UK is cheaper than the US in terms of fees charged, based on the institutions surveyed in the study (Universities incl Oxford, Manchester, Harvard, Warwick, NYU)

  • Fees at Australian universities in the study exceed those in the UK, even at institutions ranked lower than their UK counterparts. For example an international student would pay around £16,000 a year for an undergraduate degree in history, whereas the same course at the University of Oxford costs around £12,000. (Fees at higher World ranked UK Universities were lower than comparable US and Australian Universities)

  • The UK is cheaper than the US, Australia and the Netherlands in terms of living costs. The US was reported as the most expensive

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