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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why should study Abroad?

There are countless reasons why everyone should study abroad.
§  Personal benefits and ways to grow professionally in order to pass up an opportunity. In fact, choosing to study abroad can be one of the most enriching, fulfilling, interesting and educationally stimulating experiences of our entire life. There are variety of reasons to study in every country, so studying in dream land is easier now that it has ever been.
§  Globalizing yourself may help you understand how you, as an individual, fit into this world.
learn about different places, different cultures and people. Not only could you surround yourself with a new network of global friends, but you may learn about yourself by indulging in a new and exciting lifestyle.
§  The experiences you take advantage of abroad can influence the rest of your life in regards to career goals. You will probably discover a newfound passion which could influence your major career path, or maybe you will decide you want to work abroad or learn a new language.
§  Studying abroad can provide you with an opportunity to learn about your own ethnicity and to explore your own identity. In addition to the personal growth you’ll undergo while overseas, the international and cross-cultural skills you’ll develop will certainly expand your employment opportunities and, consequently, your income potential. Globally-minded employees are in high demand.


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  2. David Cameron, British Prime Minister said "Britain today is simply a GREAT place to visit, study and work"

    Jubilee Scholarships 2012

    British Council and the UK Government are delighted to present this wonderful opportunity that enables young Indians to pursue a one year Masters programme in Management, Manufacturing, Science and Technology in a recognised UK institution and follow it up with a month-long internship programme in the UK.

    Jubilee Scholarships have been launched this year as part of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the GREAT campaign designed to focus on the areas of British excellence including its high quality education provision.

    The scholarship programme aims to support greater access to Higher Education in the UK and provide a new opportunity for students to fund their education. The scholars will receive funding for a one-year Masters course in the UK, starting September 2012.

    The ideal candidates will be Indian citizens who are fresh graduates or young professionals with excellent academic record. Deserving candidates who would not normally have the opportunity to study overseas are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Each award will cover

    University tuition fee
    Living expenses for the duration of the scholarship (for a maximum of 12 months) and a one month internship in the UK
    Return airfare
    UK visa

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