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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Where Should I Go for higher studies ?

Some of the places for higher studies are Jakarta, Capetown, Rio de Janeiro, London, Quebec, Tokyo, Moscow-  where you can study for credit toward graduation while in college, university or technical school. There are some programs for nearly every academic discipline. Economics and business courses in Japan or China will give you a path into the industrial economic growth of Asia (or you can learn about agricultural-based economies in Zimbabwe or Argentina). You can take laboratory classes in chemistry in England or Australia, advanced mathematics in Hungary. Pre- med and medical technician students can assist health care providers in India working with the poor. The political changes in South Africa and Namibia offer pre-law students a unique opportunity to study modern constitutional change. Religion and philosophy will take on new meaning when Buddhism is studied in Thailand or Islam in Egypt.
Do you plan to major in a language? Then you can probably study French in France, Morocco, or Senegal; Swahili in Kenya; Urdu in India; Chinese in Hong Kong; or Spanish in Mexico. What better place to study a language than where it is spoken everyday? No matter what your age, academic discipline, or technical field, you can benefit from studying in another country.
Language is the main factor to get job in abroad.If language is not a requirement for admission to a study abroad program, don't let your lack of foreign language skills stop you from applying. Undoubtedly, your access to people and their culture is best facilitated by fluency in their language, allowing you to learn about your hosts and share in their lives and customs. However, many good programs will have a language study component. While you may only acquire "survival" language skills, with diligence you should in a short time be able to communicate your basic needs. Your sincere attempt to learn and use the language of your chosen country will be appreciated and applauded by your hosts. You are likely to be rewarded by sincere gestures of friendship and more opportunities to gain even greater language proficiency.

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