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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Temptation to Study Abroad

The concept of studying abroad is gaining massive popularity over the years. Families across the world today are far more willing to send their child for a study abroad program. In fact, in most cases, it is the student oneself that takes the initiative to spend a part of life abroad and make a positive difference to the career prospects. In this article, we discuss the common reasons that propel students to seek this option.
Career Advancement: Students today are far more career conscious than their previous counterparts and they are willing to take ambitious steps for the sake of their career. Moreover with the open culture and communication, the exposure has increased to a big degree. Students are bolder and willing to take the risk of adjusting to a new life.
New Culture: After having spent nearly two decades in their home country, students wish to explore a new country and a new culture to bring a global perspective in their lives. In a certain way, a study abroad plan does help to achieve this objective. A typical academic period is two years and during this period, a student gets enormous opportunities to explore about the country’s food, lifestyle and living habits. During vacation times, most good colleges and universities provide foreign students the option of guided holiday trips so that they can experience the best aspects of the new country,
Social Circle: Moving to a new country creates a platform to build a new social circle and create new friends. This can provide a boost to the happiness quotient of an individual besides forming of contacts that can prove useful for an entire lifestyle. This aspect is of key attraction to Gen-Y that accords deep importance to having a rich and wide social circle.
Independence: For students who have remained in their parents’ fold their entire life, a study abroad program can be an opportunity for them to spread out their wings and explore an independent life. They can live life on their own terms and to some extent make decisions on their own. However this is one benefit that the student must use with caution as independence also brings in additional responsibility to take the right decisions.
Financial Freedom: Most countries allow their foreign students to work for a few hours each week. This earning can help the student to meet regular expenses and also allow some amount of financial freedom.

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