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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Study Abroad Checklist

So you too have made a plan to study abroad? Congratulations! However make sure you do proper planning and run a thorough checklist on all essential parameters.
Documentation: First and foremost, make sure that you carry all your essential documents such as ticket, visa and university papers. These are documents that are absolutely necessary to be on your person before you embark on your trip,
Money: Plan carefully in advance how much money you need to carry and in what form. Travelers’ cheques are a relatively safe way to carry money. Apart from that, you can also consider the option of international debit card. Some bare money however must be carried as real cash to meet the very immediate expenses.
Healthcare: It is always a good idea to consult your family doctor before you leave your country to study abroad. Get some basic medical tests done to ensure that you are fit to travel. In case you are into regular medication, ensure to carry with you the required stock. However please do consult the authorities on what you can carry along as certain substances are restricted from being carried on air. You may also need to carry your medical prescriptions to be able to purchase medicines in the new country.
Insurance: Although medical insurance is generally included in your university fees, it is always advisable to check. In case of a medical situation, you certainly do not want to get stuck up with expensive medical bills or lack of medical assistance. So make sure that you are adequately covered for your medical needs. You would also require travel insurance to safeguard against the risk of stolen or lost items.  
Legal: Since you are going to away for a long time, it is important to settle the legal matters. You may consider giving a Power of Attorney to your parents or guardian for financial and legal matters. This will enable them to sign on your behalf for regular official matters and avoid unnecessary tension and inconvenience. However do seek legal opinion before you do so, as there are various dynamics associates with PoA and you must draft the agreements with care.
Information and Communication: We take a lot of information for granted as we stay in our homes. However as we move abroad, we must compile the most important information that we may require. This may include contact information of your teachers, family, and friends. In case you have any acquaintances in the country of study, make sure that you carry their complete contact information.

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